Oriental rug Cleaning

An In Depth View

The process of rug cleaning can take some time and we know exactly how to treat every type of handmade rug when doing so. We wanted to illustrate this process as clearly as possible so you know that when dealing with us you are getting the very best treatment available.

Fresh Water

After All dust has been removed from the rug the initial rinse of fresh cold water can begin.

First Shampoo

When fully soaked the first shampoo can commence removing all debris and remaining dust in the soap.

Second Rinse

The rug is then washed down for a second time and all the shampoo is thoroughly removed.


Second shampoo

Although the rug has now been cleaned we go a step further with additional shampooing. This allows us to make sure that all dirt and dust can be removed from deep into the pile and the foundations get the maximum cleaning possible.

Initial Water Removal

the first stage of the drying process begins with us pushing away all excess water by hand. This step allows us to also inspect the rug and make sure the double shampoo has been completed to our standards.

Into The Centrifuge

Following excess water removal and inspection we then have the rug put into a centrifuge where it is secured and spin dried. This greatly speeds up the overall drying time and enables us to get your rug back to you as soon as possible.


Removal For Final Dry

The rugs are then unfolded and laid out flat for the final stages of the rug cleaning process.

Resetting The Pile

The very final steps include brushing and vacuuming the pile of the rug. After this is done the pile is put back into position and brushed out completely.


Once the rug cleaning is finished we inspect your rug closely to make sure we are 100% satisfied before contacting you to deliver.


the Finished result - A rug thoroughly cleaned and refreshed