Fine Persian Tabriz Tabatabaei - 220cm x 150cm

Fine Persian Tabriz Tabatabaei - 220cm x 150cm


Tabriz is the capital of the North Western province of Azerbaijan. It has for centuries enjoyed a great reputation as a centre of oriental culture which holds firm today. This is a beautiful hand woven Persian Tabriz. It has a signature which reads “Tabatabei” denoting the person who had the rug woven. This piece is exceptionally fine even for Tabriz standards measuring 50 RAJ which is the amount of knots in one line per 7cm.

Its cotton and silk foundation allows for such a refined and high knot count and its wool pile add to its luxurious and beautiful design. This fine Persian Tabriz has a green and cream border with a navy blue interior field.

Stock Number: AK-25

Origin: Persian (Iran)

Materials: Wool Pile on a Cotton and Silk Foundation

Size: 220cm x 150cm - 7’2’’ x 4’11’’

Handmade: Yes

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