Fine Antique Caucasian - 316cm x 195cm

Fine Antique Caucasian - 316cm x 195cm


This rug is very collectable. For an antique rug it has a near full pile. This piece has been hung as pride of place in my Family showroom back in Tehran for over 40 years. It has barely been touched let alone walked on. Not only that, it is such a large size, this is another very rare feature as normally Caucasian pieces are around the 200cm x 150cm size. This piece will need to be given evaluations regularly. Caucasian rugs normally are geometric. Caucasian rugs are bold, fun, intricate and aged like fine wine. They are hard to come by in good condition and due to scarcity the value only goes up. A joy for collectors and first time buyers why not add something with deep history to your chosen space!

Stock Number: AA-15

Origin: Caucasian

Materials: Wool Pile on a Cotton Foundation

Size: 316cm x 195cm - 10’4’’ x 6’5’’

Handmade: Yes

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