Antique Caucasian - 212cm x 140cm

Antique Caucasian - 212cm x 140cm


This rug is very collectable. The reason being it is floral and also for an antique rug it has a near full pile. Caucasian rugs normally are geometric. This floral style is so hard to find even a google search will not yield any views. Caucasian rugs are bold, fun, intricate and aged like fine wine. They are hard to come by in good condition and due to scarcity the value only goes up. A joy for collectors and first time buyers why not add something with deep history to your chosen space!

Stock Number: AA-13

Origin: Caucasian

Materials: Wool Pile on a Cotton Foundation

Size: 212cm x 140cm - 6’11’’ x 4’7’’

Handmade: Yes

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